Benefits of Using Germicidal UVC Lamps on HVAC Systems

How can Ultraviolet Lamps Help Your Building?

Word cloud for Indoor air qualityUnder the present economic climate, there is increased pressure for building owners, property managers, franchises, and facility engineers to find ways to reduce their operating costs in order to continue their operations. This boils down to taking on green initiatives and optimizing quality and performance of the building.

Many commercial building owners or property managers are seeing the cost-saving benefits of installing germicidal lamp devices or ultraviolet C (UVC) units in the HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems. These germicidal UVC units provide an innovative, efficient & cost-effective solution to meet one of the challenges of “going green”.

Controlling Airborne Microorganisms

Commercial buildings like hotels, casinos and other public spaces in the hospitality industry as well as office buildings can use germicidal UVC lamps to improve their HVAC systems abilities. Mold and bacteria that accumulate in HVAC units reduces the flow rate and causes the HVAC system to be more costly to operate. Mold and other bacteria are prevented from building up by the coils being illuminated by the UV lamps. The UVC lamps can also improve indoor air quality by installing the ultraviolet units in-duct.

Energy Savings

There are studies that show that a thin layer of biofilm buildup on a coil also tends to increase energy consumption by at least 21.5 percent. This can be addressed by cleaning coils continuously but a more effective way is through the germicidal UVC that eliminates the biofilm much more efficiently, resulting in a factory-designed efficiency of the HVAC systems.

Improving Indoor Air Quality

By using germicidal or UV lamps, indoor air quality is improved by preventing the spread of infectious diseases, reducing allergy and asthma symptoms that are usually triggered by biofilm – also a common source of odors that come out of the air conditioning vents. Germicidal UVC lamps create a safer and more comfortable indoor environment as mildew and musty odors are eliminated from the air conditioning system.

Equipment Service Life

Older HVAC systems are restored to efficient operation caused by the surface cleaning effect of the germicidal UVC unit. Hence, aging HVAC systems can be prolonged.

How Does a Germicidal Lamp Work?

The greatest germicidal in the ultraviolet spectrum is the C wavelength, which targets the DNA of microorganisms and destroys cells to make replication impossible. The ultraviolet C energy kills surface biofilm that usually develops and grows when there is moisture. This biofilm is a persistent HVAC system problem that causes a host of indoor air quality and operational issues. Often, this is mistakenly attributed to mold growth.

Circulating airborne viruses and bacteria will be destroyed by the germicidal UVC device and will deliver contaminant destruction rates more than 99% when properly installed at the cooling coil and the drain pan of the HVAC system.


Does your HVAC system have germicidal UVC lamps?