Bright Lights For The Big Game

Will you be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? No matter how the game goes history will be made, but not because of what’s happening on the field, but how its being lit.  The University of Phoenix Stadium will host the much anticipated game and will be home to the first Super Bowl ever played under energy efficient LEDs.


LED Lighting Makes Pro, Trains For Super Bowl Debut | Forbes

“The University of Phoenix Stadium, host to the Feb. 1 game, uses 312 fixtures made by Ephesus Lighting, which specializes in technology for fields, arenas and the like. The lights replaced 780 metal halide fixtures. They use 310,000 watts, compared with 1.2 million watts typically needed to light up an event at the 63,400-seat stadium. (The facility can actually be expanded to accommodate up to 72,200 people.)”

While some sporting and entertainment venues have delayed making the switch to LEDs over broadcast requirements and misconceptions about LED illumination quality, this type of blub has advanced considerably and proven its versatility in such specialized lighting applications.

Are you surprised to learn that this Super Bowl will be making history due to lighting alone?

3 thoughts on “Bright Lights For The Big Game

  1. Hazel says on January 30, 2015 at 1:41 pm

    I have been watching NFL football and tuning in on Super Sunday since 1978. So this is an interesting development. I happen to be a proponent of LED lighting. I have several in my home. So I’m glad that this type of history is being made. It will make it possible for history to be made on the field and in NFL lore. By the way: I’m not Patriot fan, but I got New England to win the game.

  2. Lucille says on February 3, 2015 at 11:19 pm

    I watched the Super Bowl, along with the millions of other people who made this sporting event the most watched TV event in U.S. history. I didn’t notice any stark difference on the field due to all the LED lighting. Today’s telecasts look much clearer than football games from 20 years ago, but I have always attributed that to HD signals and today’s flat screen HD and smart TV technology.

  3. Gertrude says on February 4, 2015 at 1:53 pm

    According to one report that I watched during the Super Bowl pregame show, LED lighting wasn’t the only innovation on display which improved the coverage of the big game. If you’re like me and tend to stream as much of the action on your smartphone or tablet as you do on your TV these days, you were in serious luck this year. For the first time ever, you could watch every stunning pass and brutal collision right from the NBC Live Sports Extra App from any computer, iOS, Android, or Windows tablet. For those wanting to watch on a smartphone, NFL Mobile from Verizon will stream the game. The best part? It’s 100% free.

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