Use Colored Halogen Light Bulbs

There are many types of light bulbs. One of the most intriguing designs in terms of construction and use is colored halogen light bulbs. These bulbs involve the use of reflective surfaces, one a pressed glass reflector while the opposing side has facets and is covered with a reflective surface as well. Some include cover glass on the end of the reflector to protect against fragments if the lamp shatters when it fails. Understanding more about these bulbs can help you make the right purchase. Set of four light bulbs Multi-Faceted Reflector Bulbs Multi-faceted reflector, or mr light bulbs, have a single-ended quartz halogen filament capsule for their light source. These mr16 halogen light bulbs are available as a 12 volt mr16 halogen bulb. They are commonly used with a transformer to reduce the line voltage to the appropriate level so the lamp can work properly. An mr16 halogen bulb is not always 12 volts. This is the most typical voltage for an mr16 halogen lamp, but they can also be 6 or 24 volts. Most recently, the transformer has been integrated into the bulb and sold that way. It is a successful measure for those who appreciate the brightness of these light bulbs.

MR16 Halogen Bulbs Are Readily Available A simple online search provides plenty of opportunity to buy halogen bulbs. These bulbs are readily available from various brands, including Sylvania and Plusrite. The mr16 12v 10w halogen is available at a very reasonable price. We pride ourselves on the quality of our product, and the color temperature halogen light bulbs regularly live up to that level of pride and high quality. The popularity of certain sizes of colored halogen light bulbs continues to be a growing surprise. These lights can be volatile, but the quality of light is such that people continue to use them throughout their homes.


How do you get Sylvania halogen light bulbs that work in your application?

Sylvania halogen light bulbs, Sylvania fluorescent light bulbs, and other Sylvania lamps are available directly from Specialty Bulb. Choose from the most in-demand, as well as hard-to-find light bulbs for all manner of applications.


Colored Halogen Bulbs Are Available in a Variety of Unique Colors The colors available for these lights include green, red, blue, yellow, orange, pink and a few lighter and darker shades of yellow, orange and blue. All of these particular color bulbs come in 12 volt wattage. Obviously, due to the time and effort to craft the lights with colors, the prices for these colored halogen lights bulbs are significantly higher than a clear bulb. Prices for clear bulbs of this nature are less than a dollar, while the colored ones will cost you about five dollars for certain colors and almost eight dollars for others. This means choosing colors carefully and spending wisely. Some colors can withstand the elements and be used longer than others. Therefore, it pays to do some honest consideration before utilizing these bulbs in a particular color scheme plan.