Dimmable LED Light Bulbs

The ability to dim a light in a dining room or bedroom was a clever innovation widely applied in homes during the 1980s. For lighting novices, essentially any bulb could be plugged into the dimming mechanism. With the advent of LED technology, however, it was apparent that dimming required more than just a standard mechanism for the brilliant light to stand out for years of use.

Choose Your Brightness
If you compare dimmable LED light bulbs 100W to dimmable LED light bulbs 40W, the lumen difference is substantial. The high wattage provides piercing light for applications in a vaulted ceiling design. Brightness doesn’t mean more energy is consumed because all LEDs use a small fraction of power compared to older light technologies.

Matching Dimmers
Your customers must understand that traditional dimmers don’t work as well with LED lights compared to incandescent models. Even dimmable CFL light bulbs require specialized dimmers meant to work with the low incoming voltage. LED lights matched with old dimmer mechanisms will flicker, fail to shut off completely and display a narrow dimming range.

Led Bulb

Years of Use
A major selling point with dimmable LED flood light bulbs is their extensive lifespan. If a customer uses the bulb only three hours each day, they could potentially see one bulb last 25 years. The low wattage and dramatic coolness of each LED bulb makes them have a very long life without major decline from natural wear.

Specialized Applications
Customers appreciate a dramatic display such as dimmable LED light bulbs candelabra base. Brighten the dining room or spiral staircase with LED light at its strongest level and dim it down to show its versatility throughout one evening. From recessed fixtures to outdoor flood lights, specialized applications for LED technology are practically endless.

Mood or Emergencies
Unlike other energy-efficient bulbs, LED flood light bulbs don’t need a warm-up period. They power on to their brightest level when set by the dimmer mechanism. This immediate brightness is critical in emergency situations but also gives the customer a choice when a particular mood is desired, including low lighting.

Color Choice
There’s no need to add expensive filters onto a light fixture because customers select their color hue when they purchase dimmable LED light bulbs for recessed lighting. Colors such as blue, yellow and white are always ready to brighten a space.

Debating Value and Upfront Cost
A universal debate continues to surround LED lighting in the form of expensive upfront costs. Customers must understand they won’t be replacing the bulbs for years, making their upfront investment a guaranteed payback over time. For those difficult fixtures to reach, a long-lasting bulb is a luxury.

Whether your customers are highlighting a favorite art piece or simply illuminating a dark driveway, dimmable LED light bulbs have applications throughout the home. Describe and visualize these areas for improvement as you discuss LED features with loyal clients. Any home can look radiant with just a simple LED dimming system.