Choosing Between Custom Or Universal Projector Mounts

What do manufacturers say on the latest trends on projector and display mounts?

The continuing advances in the home theater technology have caused manufacturers to develop and produce auxiliary items that would be useful for this particular set of end users. Integrators now have various options when it comes to projector and display mounts. Projector and display manufacturers no longer have to custom design mounts specific to the projector or display panel because the market offers a host of mounting systems for projectors and display panels.

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Manufacturers of known projector or display mounts offer their insight and opinion on the latest trends and best practices for selecting the right mount solutions, specifically in terms of custom or universal mount options.

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The Business Development Manager of Chief differentiates custom projector mounts from universal mount solutions. In the past decade, projector manufacturers have specific and custom-designed mounts for each projector which optimized projector mounting for the fastest, safest and least amount of energy installation while ensuring compatibility with the projector. This custom solution allowed for access to filters and lamps without the need to remove the interface to the projector. 

Flexibility Of Installation

On the other hand, universal mounts offered solutions to a different set of problems, mainly on flexibility issues if a different projector model is used instead of the model which the mount was intended for. Universal mounts traded flexibility in planning projector installations for projection lamp and filter access. Specialty Bulb = Projection Lamp - Oct 2013 SCN_10_13_Final-272

Universal Interface For Lamp And Filter Access

Chief combined these two parameters in the design of their next generation of universal mounts which allow the interface to be removed for lamp and filter access without realigning the projector. This is an important feature especially for servicing and maintenance purposes, bringing a universal mount closer to custom mount in terms of functionality. 

Set-Screw vs Precision Gearing Features

For most projector mounts, according to the Senior Product Manager of Peerless-AV, the main feature that should decide a projector or display mounting solution is the method of aligning the projected image on the screen. Some utilize the usual set-screw solution to maintain image alignment while other mounts have specialized gearing enabling adjustment through a simple knob turn.

Ease Of Use And Cost

This solution presents a tradeoff of convenience and cost. The convenient solution is that of a mount with precision gearing and it is the one which demands a higher price. The set-screw solution on the other hand will be less costly but will require more tinkering and trial and error before it can achieve the desired result. 

Placement And Usage

With the size and mounting pattern known, the deciding feature should be on placement and usage. Where the projector will be installed – boardroom, as digital signage or in a public place, yields different challenges and require different mount styles. The market now offers tilting mounts, specialized video wall mounts, carts, ceiling mounts, stands or specialized menu board mounts.

Office meeting roomLocking Mechanism / Security Hardware

The Product Management Director of OmniMount shares that an installer’s job is made easier by universal mounts. A single mount is designed to work for different projector or display models. Apparently, this is not the only consideration that should be factored in. Other features to be taken into consideration when selecting mounts are provisions for locking mechanism or security hardware. Other universal mounts would require additional brackets or security components in order to hold a different model projector being placed in the installed universal mount. It’s also a great way to consolidate SKUs (stock-keeping units) since it can be used for residential and commercial installations.


In view of these insights, how will you select your projector or display mount?