Helping the Environment With Sylvania Fluorescent Light Bulbs

CFL light bulbs made by Sylvania are gradually replacing the standard incandescent bulbs that generations have used as an indoor and outdoor lighting source. Embracing this change to a greener lighting source is easy to do, practical and great for your budget.

What Are CFL Bulbs?

A CFL or compact fluorescent lamp is designed to radiate and disperse ultraviolet light at much lower levels than incandescent bulbs, which makes efficient use of energy that translates into a longer life capacity per bulb. One easily noticeable difference is that some CFL bulbs have a totally different design than the rounded bulb shape, which is evident when you check out the twisting spiral, one of Sylvania’s most popular CFL designs. However, there are other low-energy bulbs that mimic the standard bulb design to fit into just about any type of light fixture.

Longer Lasting

On average, one CFL bulb is going to last somewhere between 6,000 and 15,000 hours as opposed to just 750 to 1,000 hours for an incandescent bulb. That statistic is the main reason why homeowners, offices, schools and industries are turning toward this new source of lamplight.

Green Bulb

Which Type of CFL Bulb to Choose?

When it comes to selecting CFL light bulbs for everyday use, the choice of style, model and brand largely depends on how the lighting source is to be utilized. For instance, you might find out that Sylvania fluorescent light bulbs are highly recommended for home use and industry. If you want a bright light for your office workspace, you can browse the selection of white fluorescent light bulbs and other popular CFL choices like Crompton fluorescent light bulbs and Osram fluorescent light bulbs.

Illuminate Specific Areas

Another popular CFL style is the single pin fluorescent lamp, which is an elongated lamp that either resembles a round tube or two long tubes connected together. This style is perfect for illuminating specific areas close to a wall. For example, it would be fine over the kitchen sink area or a garage workspace.


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Practical for Multi-Bulb Light Fixtures

Businesses, schools and medical facilities often invest in large ceiling light fixtures that require multiple fluorescent lamps, which can be a pain to replace when one or two inevitably burn out. It makes total economic and practical sense to turn to CFL bulbs for heavy-duty lighting needs. For instance, fixtures that require several fluorescent light bulbs 48 can operate for years without needing regular maintenance.

Green Bulbs Save Money

Not only are they low maintenance, but these bulbs also produce reliable bright lighting year-round. The cost savings are well worth making the switch. The best way to implement a change to more energy-efficient lighting is to begin gradually switching older models to CFL bulbs.