Halogen Light Bulbs Still The Popular Choice For Cars

Halogen light bulbs are a popular choice for both exterior and interior car lighting. Their chemical and filament design produces a brilliant white light ideal for automobiles. Modern halogen light also provide longer service life and brighter output for your car headlights. As a specialty bulb distributor, we offer a wide selection of automotive halogen lights.

Auto parts

We distribute replacement halogen automotive bulbs as well as light bulbs for car manufacturers. Our catalog includes halogens from top light brands such as Sylvania and Phillips, which provide advanced lighting options for the automotive industry.

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Our Market
For over thirty years, we have provided halogen light bulbs to car manufacturers and other wholesale automotive markets. Commercial truck and bus manufacturers consistently source through us for their halogen light needs. We also distribute automotive halogen bulbs for recreation vehicles such as motorcycles.

Why Purchase From Us
We offer competitive pricing on automotive halogen lights. We are a knowledgeable and well-established wholesale light distributor. Whether you are in manufacturing or retailing, we can guide you through every step of selecting and purchasing the right automotive halogen light.

We carry light bulbs from leading halogen car bulb manufacturers. Sylvania and Phillips halogen automotive bulbs are popular choices with our customers for their brilliance and quality. As a supplier of wholesale halogen light bulbs, we offer our clients direct from the manufacturer pricing, so you are sure to get the lowest rate on halogen automotive bulbs.

What Are The Benefits To Using Halogen Car Light Bulbs?
Halogen bulbs from top brands such as Sylvania and Phillips are tested to be some of the most brilliant and long-lasting car headlight bulbs available. For this reason, the majority of cars use halogen headlight bulbs as compared with other types. Halogen light bulbs have reliably lighten up the roads since the 1960’s. Since that time, technologies from halogen manufacturers have improved their usage as headlights.

Why Do Many Car Manufacturers Use Halogen Bulbs?
For car manufacturers, there are several advantages to using halogen light bulbs. Halogen light bulbs come in a variety of different sizes and can be installed on the majority of car models. Automotive halogens also allow carmakers to create a variety of versions as they are dimmable. Another key benefit to halogen light bulbs is that they offer a lower replacement cost which also make them popular with consumers.

How Do I Make My Headlights Brighter?
The first thing you should consider when improving the brightness of your light is a replacement. Headlights start to dim when they are starting to burn out. The type of light and the amount use will determine how long your headlight bulb will last. Premium halogen light bulbs give greater brilliance but also need to be a replacement more often. However, if you are looking for a more brilliant light you premium halogen bulbs provide the brightest range.

Are Halogen Automotive Light Bulbs Energy Efficient?
Although modern technology has improved the efficiency of halogen light bulbs they still remain one of the least resourceful types of bulb. Halogen car light bulbs are designed to burn hot and bright and are, therefore, less energy-efficient. Halogen light bulbs are appropriate for applications that need powerful and direct lighting. For this reason, halogen light bulbs are still a popular choice for both car manufacturers and consumers.