Not Sure If Halogen Light Bulbs Are The Right Choice?

We provide halogen light bulbs for a wide variety of  automotive, architectural, appliance, and entertainment venue lighting. These  bulbs are useful in cars, optic devices, food service equipment, and numerous other applications. The colored halogen bulbs are an excellent way to light entertainment venues, performance stages, and photo and film studios. You can get them in a variety of sizes and types, from miniature lamps to flood lights. The halogen light bulbs we supply come from only leading bulb manufacturers, including Philips, Sylvania, and GE, so you know you’re getting brand quality as well as competitive pricing.

Our Market:

No matter your business, we can find a halogen light bulb solution for the applications and equipment you work with every day. Our bulb supplying services include sourcing and delivery of halogen light bulbs for industrial, commercial, and household settings. We have helped companies across the globe identify the most effective halogen light bulbs for their needs, whether they required a specific shade of colored bulb or hard-to-find sizes or shapes.

We work with companies seeking large quantities of miniature halogen bulbs for interiors and headlights in cars. Designers, planners, and engineers know they can turn to us for help in finding the right bulbs for specialized applications and unique bulb performance criteria. We provide for wholesale buyers throughout the world who are looking for bulbs from the most trusted names in halogen manufacturing, from Phillips capsule halogen light bulbs, to Sylvania directional lamps.

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You can trust that you’re getting competitive wholesale prices on all halogen light bulb solutions. We’ve forged long time relationships with Philips, GE, Sylvania and other leading manufacturers of light bulbs and electronic light components. As a result, our clients can rest assured they’re getting the best products at fair cost. We’re committed to helping you determine the most effective light bulb options for your application, no matter how specialized.

How to Purchase:
Buy halogen light bulbs from Slyvania, Philips, GE or the other manufactures we carry, simply submit your bulb specs and order details through the RFQ form on our website. To search for specific light bulbs by name, product code or other light bulb specs, browse our online catalog. You can also use the identification charts on our website to help you identify the correct halogen you need according to key features. You can ask questions by completing our contact form or calling our 800 number. One of our expert associates will guide you through the process and ensure that you get the lighting products you need promptly.

Why And When Should I Use Halogen Light Bulbs?
Halogen light bulbs are suitable for settings that require intense, direct light, whether in a natural white, or daylight tone, or in a variety of colored options. This kind of lighting is useful for establishing a tone or atmosphere in a focused setting. Photographers, directors and cinematographers can use halogen light arrangements and systems to create powerful illumination effects, whether on an actor, object, or focused area. Halogen light bulbs also serve as open heating elements that can be used warm a targeted area, such as a reptile tank or on a in a restaurant buffet line. Halogen light bulbs can also be found in both the interior and exterior of cars, and are now frequently used for colored or tinted headlights. Philips and Orsam Sylvania are two manufacturers that have made halogen light bulbs suitable for regular household use. They can be easily incorporated into standard lamps and household fixtures.

What Are The Dangers Of Halogen Light Bulbs?
Lots of people are concerned with some of risks and dangers associated with halogen bulbs. Unlike compact fluorescents and other light bulbs that contain potentially harmful substances like mercury, halogen bulbs are not regarded as hazardous waste and do not require any special method of disposal. However, most of the danger associated with halogen light bulbs concerns the high temperatures that are emitted while the bulb is lit. If halogens are not installed, and handled properly, they can create fire and burn hazards. If a flammable substance comes into contact with a halogen, it could ignite in just a few seconds.

Halogen bulbs could also cause minor to severe burns if touched. Dangers concerning halogens can be mitigated when they’re placed in proper settings, far from any flammable materials, and handled with the utmost caution and care. When used in equipment or appliances, such as the trunk light in cars or in a projector, any burn or fire hazards can be prevented with the proper fixture casing and shielding, which helps to ensure that materials or skin cannot easily come within direct contact of the halogen bulb.

What’s The Difference Between Halogen Light Bulbs Vs. Incandescent Light Bulbs?
Halogen bulbs are actually a type incandescent light bulb, but a number of key features make them distinct. While both bulb types work by heating a tungsten filament to create light, the gases contained within each bulb are different. These light bulbs are filled with a mixture of argon and nitrogen, and halogen light bulbs contain a halogen gas, such as iodine or bromine. The halogen gasses contribute to a chemical reaction that regenerates evaporated tungsten, which helps to increase the longevity of the bulb’s filament.

Do Halogen Light Bulbs Require Any Special Disposal?
Halogen light bulbs are not deemed to be hazardous waste. Instead of mercury vapor, halogen bulbs contain halogen gases. If the glass of a halogen bulb is broken, the released gas is not  a hazard. Halogen bulbs are not recyclable. Instead, they can be disposed of with regular waste. If the halogen bulb is broken, cautiously collect all pieces of the broken glass, wrapping them in a paper towel or newspaper and enclosing them in a bag. If the halogen has simply burnt out and is intact, turn off the light fixture and wait until the bulb is completely cool before wrapping it in newspaper or its original packaging and throw it in the trash.

Are Halogen Light Bulbs Energy Efficient?
How energy efficient halogen light bulbs are depends on lighting alternatives and the levels of light they produce. Compared to standard light bulbs, halogens offer more powerful, high intensity illumination, and overall longevity. Halogen light bulbs provide 10 to 20% greater energy efficiency than incandescent lights.