How Much Are Lighting Displays Really Costing Consumers?

Holiday lights are just as trendy as they’ve ever been, from public lighting displays, massive tree lightings, and home decorations that seem to get bigger and brighter every year. But as we set up and enjoy such traditions, should we also consider the bottom line when it comes to energy bill jumps? Just how much does it cost us to enjoy bright lights during the longest nights of the season?

It really depends on the types of lightbulbs that consumers choose in their displays and decorations. While holiday electronics are limited to lights, such as in the case of anamatronics, lawn inflatables, and music, the majority of holiday displays involve some form of electric light. Wether that light comes from incandescent bulbs, LEDs, or a combination of both will factor in.

But if you had to come up with a rough estimate, just how much are Americans spending when they deck their halls, walls, and more? 

“An American home fully festooned with (incandescent) lights and moving decorations might spend an extra $58.34 on their energy bill this month. We arrived at that number by looking at five popular decorations and how much electricity they use over the holiday season.”

Were you expecting more or less for the average energy costs of home holiday lighting? With so many more LED options available and their growing popularity, should we expect this amount to drop significantly in Christmas seasons to come?