Ikea Restricts Its Lighting Stock To LEDs –Are CFLs Soon To Disappear

Have LED bulbs finally become the standard household light bulb that many have predicted? If the recent lighting decision made by Ikea is any indication, that may be the case. Starting next month, the international home furnishing retailer will be limiting its light bulb selection to only include LEDs. While the company originally planned a major investment in CFLs, interest in more sustainable offerings and in driving technology, LEDs have instead become the choice illumination option. As LEDs have become cheaper and more versatile, and customers become more familiar with their benefits, perhaps other lighting and household retailers will follow suit. Does this mean the CFLs will be grouped in with standard incandescent bulbs as an “outdated” option?

Ikea to Replace All Lighting on Shelves With LED Bulbs | The New York Times

 IKEAImage Source: Wikimedia

“Compact fluorescents, which still far outsell LEDs in the United States, were the first big alternative to emerge to replace standard incandescents, which can no longer meet government standards for energy efficiency in the United States and abroad. But they often failed to satisfy consumers who complained about the harsh quality of light of the early models. […] Just a few years ago, an LED that was meant to replace a standard incandescent could cost $30. But those who favor them say they offer better light quality. And as prices have steadily dropped, in part because of government regulations making it easier for more LEDs to qualify for generous discounts, customers have been migrating toward them.”

Do you think CFLs are officially on their way out as the first option consumers will choose when selecting household light bulbs? Will more retailers follow Ikea’s lead? What are your thoughts?