Advantages of LED Flood Light Bulbs

Traditional flood lights use large bulbs emanating substantial heat to light a driveway, walkway or other important property area. As LED or light-emitting diodes became more affordable for your customers, they’ve been added to nearly every old-fashioned fixture imaginable. LED flood lights offer several advantages for any family or business as a safe illuminating alternative.

Clear Views
One of the most basic applications for flood light illumination is for driveways. Although cars have headlights for basic maneuvering, any intruders hiding along the property’s edges could surprise you as the car enters the garage. LED light bulbs for cars allows the entire area to be illuminated until everyone is safely in the home.

Versatile Illumination
LEDs are known for their brightness, but not all applications require this brilliant illumination. Dimmable LED flood light bulbs simply need to be attached to a specialized LED dimming switch for use indoors or even outside. Your customers control the light, giving their home a softened glow for the later evening hours or bright contrast during projects.


Fixture Longevity
LED flood light bulbs produce very little heat because they are technically electronic components made for sensitive printed circuit boards. The reduced heat makes it possible for the light fixture itself to last longer than traditional flood lights. Broken or warped housings and wires are often the death of extremely hot traditional flood lights.

Energy Savings versus Cost
If your customers compare regular light bulbs to LED technology, they’ll notice the substantial price difference. However, the upfront costs for LEDs are supplemented by lower electricity bills. If customers fill their home with LEDs for flood lights and other fixtures, they’ll see a stark difference in each monthly bill, allowing the bulbs to pay for themselves over time.

Family Safety
A particular selling point for LEDs is their overall design and construction. Flood lights, in particular, have a shock-resistant fixture, so glass won’t shatter onto the ground. Even if the fixture somehow breaks open, there are no toxic chemicals inside such as lead or mercury to harm anyone.

Pick Your Color
Light versatility in the home is a big feature for customers, allowing them to choose an illumination color for each room. LED technology provides various colors for consumer choice, including yellow, blue and white, without purchasing expensive filters.

Replacement Is Rare
You can make it clear to your customers that replacing LED bulbs is usually a rare event. With some bulbs lasting as long as 50,000 hours, customers won’t see the home improvement store for many months. If the light isn’t used very often, it could be a year before replacement is necessary.

When you sell or buy outdoor LED flood light bulbs, you want to know the product is high-quality for its application. Because flood lights must withstand the harsh weather elements, our inventory only supports the best LED technology around. By displaying these fixtures in a showroom or on a website, you can show your customers the beauty and functionality of LED science.