Integrating Optical Design Into The Medical Lighting Requirement

How is lighting relevant to the medical field?Specialty Bulb - Optical Lamp - Aug 2013 quasar-elite_269_200

Sagentia at Medica in Düsseldorf is a Cambridge UK product design innovator which unveiled a cutting-edge new lighting technology that incorporates the use of next generation HD LED technology and a unique optical design that delivers unrivaled lighting uniformity, intelligent control and color rendition. This new lighting technology also has properties that are helpful in aiding patient recovery and improvement of well-being.

A Beneficial Collaborative Effort

The new lighting technology is a collaborative effort between Sagentia and Brandon Medical – a heavily awarded medical technology firm in the United Kingdom. Said innovative lighting technology was developed to be used in general lighting applications such as one developed for hospital ward lighting.

Specicalty Bulb - Optical Lamp - Aug 2013 Samsung_VibrantLighting That Is Fully-Controllable

For the first time, natural lighting that is fully-controllable can be delivered in general lighting which is optimized to the ambient conditions. Control can come from a Bluetooth or a mobile phone app which means remotely changing the light settings is possible. A healthcare staff can dim the light as soon as the patient falls asleep from outside the patient’s hospital room.

Other Medical Advantages

The innovative lighting technology is also designed for the capability of tracking circadian rhythms, imitating natural light and changing color automatically according to the time of day. This is said to improve the patient’s well-being and recovery conditions. The healthcare staff is provided with a better working environment. 

An Exciting And Promising Medical Lighting Technology

According to the executives of both Sagentia and Brandon Medical, “A revolutionary new type of optical lamp element has been developed and incorporated into the optical design of the lighting product, which manages to deliver unrivaled beam profiles and the ability to use a unique solid state focusing approach.” The partnership between the two companies had indeed led to the development of a truly amazing medical lighting technology. Hospital ward

The European Framework 7

Partly funded by the European Framework 7 program, the collaboration has driven the research into all the basic technology aspects including electronics and system design, optics, and materials. Also included in the program are testing, modeling, conceptualization, and analysis.

Appropriate And Reliable Lighting Needed By The Medical Field

Without proper and appropriate lighting, surgical and other treatment procedures will be a serious challenge for the doctors, surgeons, healthcare staff, and the patient as well.


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