Is the Manufacturing Industry Ready to Shape the Economy Again?

rWhy Celebrate Manufacturing day?

Manufacturing is an industry that is thriving and driving the United States forward. And this is the best reason for celebrating Manufacturing Day throughout the country. Many manufacturing companies open their plant doors to welcome students from different schools who take advantage of the occasion to get a closer look at what goes on inside a manufacturing plant. For the school officials, they are hopeful that their students will be able to see or picture themselves replacing the existing manpower in a few years.

Wisconsin’s Heavy Metal day

A factory in Wisconsin opened its doors to eighth grade students from the school districts of Wasau and Antigo for the opportunity to tour the manufacturing facility and learn about what type of jobs are performed inside. Students from Northcentral Technical College made arrangements with some local factories to hold the first ever “Heavy Metal Day” in conjunction with Manufacturing Day. It was one way of making them aware of the job opportunities that manufacturing offers.

Jacksonville’s National Manufacturing day

In Jacksonville, Safariland – one of the most recognized and trusted manufacturer of law enforcement and security products in the world, opened its doors to students from Robert E. Lee High School as they officially celebrated National Manufacturing Day on October 4, 2013. The students were given a tour for them to see how the different equipment used by law enforcement and public safety officials are done from the manufacturing plant and including the logistics process that brings the equipment to market.

Involving the Students

In both celebrations, the focus was on making the students who are representing the young generation see that they are the next generation of manufacturing. The manufacturing industry expects to have a worker shortage in the coming years. And the industry looked to the young students to help solve the problem. By showing them the kind of work and energy performed by the people in the factory or plant, the students will get the feeling if they would be interested in the new age of manufacturing.

Fabrication scheduleInterested or Bored

For the students’ part, the manufacturing plant tour experience can be one of two things:

  1. Their interests were stirred as they witnessed the manufacturing process, one step after another; or
  2. They felt bored during the tour.

Those who were interested may have been amazed at the vastness of the facility. The students toured factories that manufacture all sorts of goods, from small fluorescent lamps to law enforcement and security products. They got to see the way the workers tinker with their tools and the materials they are working with.

Government Support and Participation

In a similar celebration in New Jersey, State Sen. Tom Kean Jr., visited a maker of custom plastic parts on October 4 which was officially designated as the National Manufacturers Day. The celebration was intended to bring attention to the manufacturing businesses in New Jersey and the rest of the country. The state senator’s visit was seen as the legislature’s participation in the program that assists manufacturers in becoming more efficient, profitable and globally competitive. The partnership between the government and the business sector is important in making sure that the country has more jobs in the manufacturing sector, going forward.

Overcoming the Major ChallengeNew and modern warehouse

Currently the major challenge is finding qualified people to run the manufacturing plants all over the country. Hence, the move to involve students in celebrating Manufacturing Day could be a good targeting strategy in terms of filling the human resource requirement of the manufacturing sector in the future.


Do you think the manufacturing industry is finally making its way back to help improve the economy?