Just How Long Will LEDs Last In The Future?

LEDs last a long time, that’s hardly news, but did you know the LED lights of the near future may actually last at least four decades?

You may recognize the name Dyson in connection with bagless vacuums, but the son of inventor Sir James Dyson, Jake Dyson has developed an LED light that is estimated to last 40 years.

The new light, called the Ariel, will be release this coming May.  

“Dyson learned that keeping an LED under a certain temperature prolonged its lifespan. Crucially, Ariel is kept at 55 degrees using pipes that constantly filter heat away.”

In addition to longevity, the Ariel will also work with Wi-Fi technology, making it a prospective choice for the app-connected homes of the future. However, the light will currently cost over a thousand dollars, which may make it a smarter choice for public buildings and office spaces where light fixtures are updated less frequently.