As LEDs Get Cheaper And Warmer, Consumers Respond

You could talk up energy efficiency as much as you like, but recent history has shown that lower operating costs and longevity doesn’t trump other factors when it comes to switching the types of light bulbs they buy—those factors being usability, light quality and cost. Once LED manufacturers managed to improve on all three in the development of the household LED bulb, consumers have finally responded and started switching from CFLs and the incandescent that many would not give up.

Lower-Cost LEDs Offer Some Competition to Compact Fluorescent Lights | The New York Times


Image Source: The New York Times

…experts say that demand for compact fluorescents is dwindling, while it is rising for LEDs. Compact fluorescent shipments were down by almost 10 percent for the first quarter compared with the same period last year, while shipments of LEDs were up by more than 150 percent, according to the manufacturers’ association. […] Although there are still applications for which the compact fluorescent is better suited than the LED — like high-intensity lighting of, say, 150 watts, manufacturers say — major companies like G.E. and Osram Sylvania are shifting their energies to LED innovation.”

Are you surprised to hear that LEDs are finally starting to gain favor with the average lighting consumer or are you surprised to learn that LEDs have taken this long to gain favorability? How do you think manufacturers will respond to this change?

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