Light And Sound Come Together In New Consumer Lighting Options

There is an increasing technological trend that combines lighting with additional functions, such as Wi-Fi. While the idea of merging lights and audio isn’t new, tech designers are trying new ways to combine efficient lighting, smart sound, and wireless technology in a single product. One of the latest examples is known as Twist, an LED light bulb with a build-in wireless speaker. While there are similar products available today, Twist is the first that will allow users to stream audio using AirPlay.

This light bulb pulls double duty as a wireless speaker | The Verge


Image Source: The Verge

“I can see how Twist might be the right solution for some people — myself included. It sounded better than the portable Bluetooth speakers I already own, and I have enough light fixtures in my apartment that finding one where the bulb’s sound fills the room wouldn’t be a problem. Twist was also surprisingly fast. The audio stream connected right away, and the two bulbs I tested responded immediately with the dimmer switch. (While the speaker uses AirPlay, but the bulbs do sync their brightness with Bluetooth.)”

Do you think consumers will have a strong response to this tech combination? If so, how will bulb and audio equipment manufacturers respond with better and more advanced variations? Also, could you see this technology used for communication and safety purposes, where lighting in office buildings, schools and public places could also double as an announcement or warning system?

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