Colored Fluorescent Bulbs in Your Home

Colored fluorescent Light bulbs can give your room, house or yard a unique look. These products are also energy efficient. You be thrilled when you see the drop in your electric bill. Colored and even compact fluorescent bulbs are a bit expensive as compared with incandescent bulbs, but in general, they are cheaper because they last as long as five years and use less energy.

They remain clear and bright even after using them for a couple of years. If you cannot find any in your local store, the internet is here to help you. The following are benefits of using colored fluorescent light bulbs.

Compact Florescent

They Are Durable

There are many kinds of light bulbs to choose from. However, compact fluorescent light bulbs are better than incandescent light bulbs. For instance, a 13 watt compact fluorescent bulb produces more lumens than its equivalent incandescent bulb.

It uses less energy as well. The advantages of colored CFL bulbs include not only low energy consumption but color variety, ease of use and upkeep among others.

Improves Your Mood

Colors can affect your mood, and having the right lighting will always ensure your mood is calm and relaxed. It is better install colored bulbs that match your walls. When you turn on the light, it will make the entire room cozy and more relaxing.

This is the very essence of compact fluorescent colored lumens. If the light intensity is too bright for you, there are a variety of dimmable light bulbs to choose from.

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

Fluorescent light bulbs come in many shapes and sizes such as tubes, twists and floodlights. You are sure to find one suitable for your needs. A good example is the colored spiral compact fluorescent light bulbs.

These combine both shape and color to give great aesthetics to any room or space. There is even a way you can change the color of the bulb to suit your preferences by using guards or colored sleeves.

While most of the bulbs are fixed on the ceiling, there are other places that need lighting. For instance, a cabinet placed in a corner will need a short fluorescent bulb. You could use a pale green light to add something unique to your room.

They Can Fit Different Occasions

The bulbs can be used for fun on holidays. For instance, you can put a yellow colored bulb over the front door during the year, but come Christmas time, you can opt for a green one or any other color you like.

The colors will fit with the season and other outdoor Christmas lights. Halloween calls for orange lights, but you can use decorated pumpkins with black lights. There are a lot of fun ways to use colored fluorescent lights.

The above are few advantages of using colored fluorescent light bulbs. Once you start experimenting with colored CFL bulbs, you will find many new ideas, and you’ll end up saving money in the process.