Philips Fluorescent Light Bulbs: Help Your Company

Although you are probably familiar with the tubular fluorescent light bulbs that have been around for years, you may not have much experience with newer white fluorescent light bulbs that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Today’s bulbs are designed for use in any type of light fixture and in all business settings from airports and factories to restaurants and hotels. Contrary to popular belief, many bulbs cast a warm, welcoming glow that is quite similar to that of incandescent bulbs.

Why Businesses Should Choose Fluorescent Bulbs

Fluorescent bulbs, particularly the newer light bulbs compact fluorescent CFL, are indeed an initial investment; they can cost two to three times as much as a similar incandescent bulb costs. However, over the course of a year, each CFL can save around $10 in electricity and a great deal of time that would usually be wasted on changing incandescent bulbs. When you choose to use all fluorescent bulbs for your business, you will see a marked different in your electrical bills each year.


Where Businesses Can Use Fluorescent Bulbs

Surprisingly to some, fluorescent bulbs can be used almost anywhere in a business. Although most people are familiar with the tubular bulbs that need a ballast, modern CFLs can screw into standard light sockets and can be used in lamps, overhead lights, recessed lighting and outdoor lighting. Of course, the type of CFL chosen will depend on where it is placed; for example, customer care areas will require softer lighting than factory workspaces will.

Types of Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

CFLs come in numerous varieties, brands and temperatures. Each bulb has a different temperature rating measured in Kelvin; the lower the number, the warmer and more yellow the light is. In addition, CFLs come as spiral-shaped bulbs, A-shaped bulbs, dome-shaped bulbs and many more.


Where do you get Sylvania fluorescent light bulbs in the specs you require?

You’ll find them through Specialty Bulb, where you can easily order from a comprehensive selection of Sylvania fluorescent light bulbs, as well as Sylvania halogen light bulbs, and light bulbs from other leading manufacturers like Philips and Osram.


How to Choose Fluorescent Bulbs

The best way to choose a bulb is to start with a brand with which you are familiar. For example, Philips fluorescent light bulbs are extremely popular, especially in very small spaces where a small lamp is necessary. Another popular option are Osram fluorescent light bulbs.

Unexpected Uses of Fluorescent Bulbs

You may be surprised at the unique locations where fluorescent lights are used. They can be used in aircraft, outdoor signs and cars. In fact, miniature automotive light bulbs usually produce very white light, which is particularly useful in headlights; other automotive light bulbs types include fog lamps, brake lights and turn signal lights.

Buying Fluorescent Bulbs

When you buy Philips fluorescent light bulbs, you are making a choice that will help your business save money, energy and time, with the added benefit of helping the environment. If you have numerous lamps in your business, you will see the savings dramatically increase despite the slightly higher initial purchase price. Whether you need lights for your theater, grocery store or automotive shop, you can see that fluorescent bulbs are the smart choice.