How Are Red Light Bulbs Helping Hospital Patients Rest Easier?

The body needs rest in order to heal but unfortunately anyone who’s stayed in a hospital overnight knows how hard it can be to get a comfortable, uninterrupted night of sleep. Hospitals are aware of this, but in order to deliver care, they can’t always provide optimal sleeping conditions.  There are some modifications that can be made to improve restful conditions, like noise control and procedural changes, and lighting. New research has shown that red light bulbs can help hospital patients get a better night of sleep.

Red Light Bulbs Help Hospital Patients Sleep, Researchers Find | Newsmax

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“Lisa Letzkus, a doctoral nursing student at the University of Virginia may have found a way to help patients get a better night’s sleep — a red-colored light bulb. […] Letzkus is undertaking a study on the effects of red light on sleep and sleep disturbances among both adult and child patients. They will wear Actiwatches, devices worn around the wrist that record the patients’ sleep and wake cycles as well as the intensity of light in the room. In one unit, Letzkus plans to replace regular recessed flood lights with a single red-colored bulb. In the second unit, bedside nurses will wear necklaces that emit only low-level red and white lights when they do their rounds caring for patients.”

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