Why Are Tech Companies Now Trying To Building Light Bulbs?

Let’s say you wanted to listen to some music or activate your security system in your home; you probably have individual devices that allow you to do that. In the near future, however, a number of different companies may make it possible to do all that and more from a light bulb. Going beyond the idea of connected lighting or even Li-Fi, some innovators envision the modern day light bulb as the next iPhone.

Sengled out: Can a light bulb be as cool as the iPhone? | CNBC

“People brought iPhones because it decluttered people’s lives,’ [Sengled’s general manager, Alex] Ruan said. ‘We think the simpler the installation, the simpler the use case and the less people have to pay for it. We are advocating buying less gear, but the intelligence is in the light bulbs.’ Energy efficient residential technology is considered by analysts to be a major growth sector in the coming years. In a recent report, IHS said that ‘the sky is the limit’ for smart lighting, adding that LEDs are ‘another way for companies to attempt to add value and improve profit margins.’ The report added that smart lighting was slowly eliminating traditional incandescent bulbs.”

While these proposed changes and capabilities could change the lighting industry like few things have thus far, there are still some issues to work through, including privacy and affordability. There’s also the issue of establishing widespread appeal for some consumers. Those who were hesitant to go from incandescent, to CFLs, to LEDs may feel apprehensions or confused at the prospect of managing home functions from a light fixture. However, there will no doubt be a growing population on consumers looking for practical ways to transform their current home into a connected residence that’s would have seem ultra futuristic just a few years ago.

What are your thoughts on transforming light bulbs into the next mass market smart device?

2 thoughts on “Why Are Tech Companies Now Trying To Building Light Bulbs?

  1. Anthony says on March 26, 2015 at 2:23 am

    I am all in favor of distance learning. As cities get more populated, commuting gets to be more of a challenge and if we can reduce the amount of vehicles on the highway, that can relieve some of the grid lock that takes place every day in major cities. If companies will be willing to let more of their employees work remotely from home, that can help solve these problems associated with over population.

  2. Gerald says on March 27, 2015 at 4:35 am

    When you go to the hardware store looking for a simple light bulb, you’re faced with a wide range of choices. First the type: incandescent, compact fluorescent, halogen, or LED? Then the hue: bright white, soft white, or cool white? Finally, powerthe bulb energy efficiencyhow much will it cost over time? These choices are limited by your choice of bulbs, and there are a lot of choices. In the past, if you got it wrong or you changed your mind later, your only recourse was to change the bulb. Not anymore, it would seem.

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