Using LEDs To Break Lighting Display Records

When you’re willing to set up a home holiday display that uses 502,165 bulbs and sets a world record, it may seem hard to top yourself next year, but that’s what a Canberra, Australia man has done. 

After deciding to take his light decorating skills to a community center mall, David Richards has managed to pull off a serious feat in the use of LED lighting.  

“…he fashioned 1.2 million bulbs into the shape of three gifts, in what Guinness World Records has confirmed is the largest LED display in the world. If laid down on the ground, the lights would stretch on for a jaw-dropping 75 miles.”

The remarkable display of LEDs is certainly stunning, open to the public, and built to serve charitable causes, including sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) research and Kids ACT charities.

How long will it be before someone breaks this record and we see an even more extensive use of LEDs?  

2 thoughts on “Using LEDs To Break Lighting Display Records

  1. Scott says on December 13, 2014 at 9:41 pm

    I started to watch that new reality show where two families compete to see who can create the most spectacular Christmas light show. The reality show is loosely bsed on the movie where two neighboring families get into a heated competition to one-up each other through their Christmas light displays. I wonder if LED bulbs will become the norm for those who create elaborate Christmas light displays. I would think that you can do so much more with LED displays because you can control them via computer software.

  2. Rafael says on December 15, 2014 at 8:49 pm

    Bob Mangan, another Michigan resident (or maybe it’s the same person in this video), says it takes a lot of work and money to put up his annual Christmas lighting display, but seeing the happy expressions on visitors’ faces makes it worth the effort. He said there is a parade of vehicles past his house every night to check out the pulsating display, which includes large, brightly lit snowmen, reindeer, Santa’s, elves and anything else that evokes Christmas. It’s pretty impressive.

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