Will LED Bulbs Soon Become Wireless Hubs?

LEDs connected to the web for remote controlled illumination is one thing, but what if you could actually strengthen or completely replace your current wireless internet connection with a new technology called Li-Fi?

Li-Fi works similarly to Wi-Fi, but instead of traveling through electromagnetic waves to establish an internet connection, that same data transmission could happen on a path of light. Though this technology may not be direct competition for WiFi at this time, researchers are exploring it’s possibilities and potential use in applications that aren’t Wi-Fi friendly. 

This development may even change the way people think about LEDs and their purpose. In the near future, illumination may be just one of the functions of an LED bulb. 

“In 25 years, every lightbulb in your house will have the processing power of your cellphone today. It will in the future serve illumination as just one of many purposes.”

What do you think of this new technology, as well as its potential for use in electromagnetic sensitive areas, and more conventional lighting and connectivity applications? 

One thought on “Will LED Bulbs Soon Become Wireless Hubs?

  1. Scott says on December 15, 2014 at 9:03 pm

    I guess it’s safe to say this innovation is better than The Clapper’. Lights have come a long way and LED’s continue to play a part in many innovations. I may buy an LED lamp from Amazon that can change colors using the RGB color wheel which allows any combination of millions of colors. It can also change intensities. I think it’s about time that smart technology becomes an everyday part of our lives at home as well as at work and even in the places where we shop.

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