Will LEDs Define The Future Of Tech Fashion?

Connectivity is merging with clothing and accessories at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and that may mean the lighting industry will have more reasons to work with fashion designers and device developers. 

CES showed how wearables may soon go beyond smartwatches and activity trackers, but may soon include shirts and dresses that display message alerts, outfits that are accented with rows and clusters of tiny, colorful LEDs, and fashion accessories that merge with smartphones and other devices. 

“Fabrics will eventually become high tech, too; a sweatshirt could become warmer and thicker in the cold and then lighter when you want it to. You could control all of that by an app. There are all types of wearables that could really impact fashion.”

How will wearables shape the demand for ultra small, super efficient and cool-burning bulbs? Tell us which tech fashion statements you think are here to stay.