Years After Superstorm Sandy, Lady Liberty Gets Some New Lights

There are many reasons why the Statue of Liberty looks like such a brilliant and inspiring monument in the dark of the night as well as the light of day. A big part of that is a lighting system that surrounds the grounds of the statue and illuminates Lady Liberty in all of her iconic glory. After Superstorm Sandy damaged much of the statue’s below-ground lighting system in 2012, however, that essential lighting was in need of a restoration. Now, on the evening of July 7th, the Statue of Liberty will finally be lit up with a newly updated lighting system.

New Lighting System to Illuminate Statue of Liberty | The New York Times


Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

“The National Park Service on Thursday announced that a new lighting system, using light-emitting diodes or LEDs, is being activated next week on the grounds around the statue. […]The new permanent system is expected to reduce energy consumption.”

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